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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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the mechanisms of continual work to bring justice are accountable to. help with every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize that everything is all you don't know i'm trying hard look at the big picture. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here in the us.
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i think iraq is beatable and one well. whatever government says there are confirmed safe get ready because if you lose your freedoms. for for for for .
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it's time for show and tell on tonight's program now last time we interviewed an average american who expressed his anger towards congress of you tube and since that video has become a hit we want to know if more americans should be doing the same thing good producer pretreatment sent you to find out what you thought the best way for the typical american to have their voice heard by washington and the meat there was. there's a lesson to be learned from this guy jim garvin who we had on the show and he's an average american who told the president over you tube that is hell and i'm not going to take it anymore people can debate his politics and motivations you can't ignore a guy who pulls in over a million hits on you tube garvin decided to go viral or go home we asked her viewers if they had any other ideas scott please
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a massive peaceful protest would do the trick april said vote and robert bennett you greet the road of bums out he said and vote only for a third party mason's guy said create your own movement and blogs you can trust mainstream media or corporate politicians to look out for regular americans regardless of your approach to me dr paul he summed it up this way the way to get heard in washington and by the media is by getting off your butts and standing up for what we believe it no matter what that may be so if there is one average citizen who voices frustration with the government and get millions of hits what do you think will happen it's donaldson's of other ordinary people do the same thing and receive millions of hits in response do you think that will get the attention of washington in the media only a clue just be the start of something really big. all right here is our next question for you tonight earlier we spoke about the riots happening in london one man has lost his life buildings home. cars shops have been looted and burned out
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stories are looking for culprits but one media outlet posted on their website for people to help me off already find out who those who they are that makes this father know what you think about that should the media cooperate and work with our forty's to track down the writers who can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who has a response just like make it on air. now the war against privacy it's no secret that the government has found a friend in internet service providers we discuss how countries all over the world including of the us have been playing with the idea of obtaining a personal data through. that china communications privacy act of one thousand nine hundred six allows federal law enforcement to obtain that information without a warrant if they deem it necessary in emergency situations over what's considered an emergency is left to the discretion of federal law enforcement alone which makes me think that leaves a lot of room for abuse a rare safeguard placed within the patriot act back in two thousand and five made
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it necessary for i s p's to record what information was shared as representative dan longer and put it i felt that some accountability is necessary to ensure that this up already is not being abused i don't believe on its face it is an abuse of section but i do believe that it could be subject to abuse in the future and therefore this allows us as members of congress to have an ability to track this on a regular basis all thanks to longer of course i we've learned that law enforcement very well may have overstepped their bounds christopher so going it fell over the center for applied security research and a frequent guest on this show found some disturbing numbers when it came to the d.-o. g.'s warrantless surveillance tactics through the information obtained via the freedom of information act which we should know took him almost a year to get going found that there were seventeen emergency warrantless wire wiretaps by the d.o.j. in two thousand and six and two thousand and seven there were nine cases two thousand and eight there were seventeen cases but there were ninety one emergencies in two thousand. nine meaning that there was
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a four hundred percent increase in warrantless surveillance by the d.o.j. own a course of one year now that a new employee over at the d.o.j. learned about this emergency claim why else could there be such a dramatic increase oh let's keep in mind there was a change of command that you're in the oval office obama came to town so you have to wonder why the obama administration had so many more emergencies than their predecessors did and as the going points out this data can be misleading because the problem is most likely much worse than it looks he doesn't even include the warrantless wiretapping quests from state and local levels of law enforcement only to requests from the department of justice so there could be massive use of this emergency clause that we could have no clue about it's almost like somebody in the obama administration has decided that a lot of our situations suddenly constitute an emergency it does not reflect very well on obama's already less than stellar record on civil liberties and it's just another example of the u.s. government using every trick in the book to spy on you without a warrant and do their very best to make sure that you never find out about it. now
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they're calling it the russian jersey shore twelve episode series on lifetime it's going to premiere this august eleventh called russian dolls and it takes place in brighton beach new york the largest russian american community to take a look. watched people who were in america. would start great service great food i never thought was it what do you got to be kidding me they can't use you. you will get this milkshake you want to go. looks a lot like the other reality t.v. shows out there big hair big characters and a lot of big jewels reportedly it's already causing some controversy with protest mail being sent to lifetime executives by politicians activists and community groups so why the big deal and who are these people anyway joining me from our
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studio in new york is marina levitt it's owner of the star of the new reality show russian dolls premiering on the lifetime network this thursday a marine i want to thank you so much for joining us and like i said they're describing this as the russian version of the jersey shore new york's answer to the jersey shore is that how you describe it. now that i don't live in what jersey shore i feel like ours so is so much more than jersey shore we're going to have a little bit of everything for everybody if you like but for family drama we have that if you want to why jersey shore for young people going out and having a good time we have that as well if you watch the housewives for drama between women we have a lot of that so i think our show is unique because in one show you have three or four different shows combined into one. i know i'm just curious why why you yourself personally decide to be on the show because let me read some of the
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descriptions of a row in the casting call the questions were are you the russian snooki or the situation and are you a super outgoing and fun loving russian american that sometimes sneaks called what could be many and want to from the fridge but that represent you. know that it feel like this was the casting for younger characters like is that where malta generational show we have kids in there it's one years we have me who is in my early thirty's we have my mother in law who is in her fifty's we have two of the cast members in their late forty's with grown families and their kids are married off and have their kids so it's multi-generational it's a little bit of everything for everybody of body year and a half ago the two creators of the show came to rest in restaurant being heard a lot about the vin service butin and they know that we have a beautiful environment wonderful food wonderful and thirteen meant we have amazing
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group of people that comes to us every single we can support and they wanted us to be a part of the just to show this side of russian american community. now i'm just curious so do you do you personally think that you represent a big portion of the russian american community here in the u.s. would you want to teach you know americans about russian culture or is this you know to get on t.v. and be able to promote your restaurant. what to be honest with you i think that me personally i am russian american i was brought here when i was fourteen years old so i grew up half and half in america so i am a perfect representation of what a russian the american is i have both my russian culture and my american culture and this makes me a russian american now is that everybody else like me no absolutely not i'm a unique character and one of eight main characters on the show every single one of
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us is different every single one of us and something else to bring to the t.v. we have families that we have young people looking for a lot of we have grown women call over give raise families in the living for themselves so it's a little bit of everything and every age every category. everybody will find something in our show that they can really do it's just given to them from our perspective from russian american perspective so why do you think that some people are so angry about the fact that this program is going to exist like i mentioned you know there were letters from activists and communities with them brighton beach and even politicians writing to lifetime trying to get this to never ever air. i think that people are ignorant they haven't seen it yet they're afraid of what could it be is that been that exerts these stories the words been jersey shore they're comparing us to things that are out there but we're very unique there is no
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show out there that has all of the things that we have we are three or four shows combined into one so that makes this very unique and again interesting for everybody. as soon as the show ears a lot of these politicians and a lot of these so-called community members the gun is the that there is nothing laura ball that we shouldn't be defending ourselves we have a right to exist we have a right to be on air there is not thing in our show this is going to make us worse than words any other group of people in america looks like the whole i feel like we have a right to be here we'll prove them all wrong i think we're going to do a me thing and their ratings will be the rule for the wire to every thursday on lifetime at ten thirty straight after project runway armory and i want to thank you very much for joining us and you know as a russian american myself i'm very interested in checking this out when it does finally air good luck with that thanks. now still to come tonight
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presidential candidates views on race and slavery are called into question yet again find out why and who it is in flight school time war and happy hour facebook pages per person in class and more fallout over the scary michele bachmann photo on the cover of newsweek we're back in just a moment. you know so good to see the story of the six so. you think you understand it and then something else here's some of the part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't charge is a big. deal . and you know.
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let's not forget that we sat in a parked car. i think. well. we never got here safely get ready for freedom.
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i did time for tonight's truth i'm awarding tonight because to michele bachmann now we bash the right wing can go congresswoman and presidential candidate several times on this show but tonight she's just given us more firepower michelle has come out of a different view of most of the world than most people through her stance on slavery issues well it's troubling to say the least you know believe me let me present some facts here or when michelle made a few crazy comments of the founding fathers here in the us or its tirelessly to
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enslave slavery. we know there was slavery that was still tolerated when the nation began we know that was an evil and it was a school and a block and a stain upon our history but we also know that the very founders that wrote those documents and worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the united states and yet it's not really the truth the founding fathers george washington and thomas jefferson owned slaves and when the constitution was ratified in seven hundred eighty eight it stated that the slaves were three fifths of a person and the slavery issue wasn't settled until the civil war seventy seven years later the facts don't matter michel's view of slavery see just a few months ago michel made another gaffe involving slavery the family leader a conservative group in iowa wanted all presidential candidates to sign a pledge valen to protect marriage and families but a line about a document about slavery because quite the uproar it read slavery had
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a disastrous impact on african-american families it sadly a child born into slavery eight hundred sixty was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two parent household than was an african-american baby born after the election of the u.s.a.'s first african-american president. that's just simply not true countless families were growing apart under slavery and that obviously didn't go over well and michelle quickly had to backtrack and she claimed that it was simply a mistake i asked for it today when the new yorker's ryan lizza uncovered a book from a shelf it on her must read list back in two thousand and two she had the time she was a minnesota state senator and she recommended the book call of duty the sterling nobility of robert e. lee and there's a passage in that book that read slavery as it operated in the pervasively christian society which was the old south was not an adversarial relationship founded on racial animosity in fact it bred on the whole not contempt but over time
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mutual respect and this produced a mutual steam of the sort that ollie's results when men give themselves to a common cause and a credit for the startling reality must go to the christian faith right yeah i'm pretty sure that slaves who were abused and sold off and forced to work for free and poor living conditions didn't have a lot of respect for their owners and the fact michele bachmann actually put the book on her must read list that wasn't a mistake so this woman has a worldview that justify slavery period and it's not just a one off pledge that she didn't read well and offer a one off comment to a writer the truly sad part about her views as if there are other people out there who share them too so there is this rich christian history of justifying the existence of slavery michele bachmann has joined that history and that's why we're giving her tonight's tools on ward.
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ok it's time for happy hour this evening and joining me is are you producer jenny churchill and alex sites wall reporter and blogger for think progress dot org and the progress report thanks for joining me guys speaking of michele bachmann you know there is a lot of a lot of crazy things that she said. that are just get on right on this you can see them easily but of course some people take pictures of her looking with grave yesterday we were talking about the newsweek cover causing a lot of uproar because people think that they tried to make her look crazy on purpose and it's easy to say that she just is crazy but that other picture sure has her hands together and is praying is one of the ones that was actually left out and some people said that that was a sign of sexism in the mainstream media to what. i don't know about sexism i do think it's kind of sad that that picture is the picture that we're saying is better and that they should have used i think it's actually really awful that's kind of i
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don't know i got to be against music on this one like as a member of the real leftist media you know the mainstream media subjected to criticism of being liberal all the time and usually that's totally b.s. but here like you're just inviting criticism you're putting a picture that you know is unflattering and it's just like more ammunition for the sarah palin's the michele bachmann to the world and just real quickly i totally agree with the right because look at this whole segment tool time we just did of all these crazy statements michele bachmann has made supporting slavery what she says what she represents is crazy you know you don't have to put a bad picture out there to try to think they were just trying to accurately represent michele bachmann let's run with that i don't understand i don't think i mean i think that it was probably malicious but. i mean i think that if she looks crazy and her cover looks crazy i don't really see what's so wrong with that i you know really were better photos out here so they decided to choose a bad photo should they do you realistically do you try to decide if you have
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photos that look like michele bachmann actually starting to look you know there are one hundred you know better photos of michele bachmann out there and they went out of their way it's a fine and unflattering what is next and i don't know if it's sexism noticed or two i would agree with that either but there definitely was a bad choice now let's move on to some michele bachmann obviously is running for president michael moore has his own i. i want to. take a look. michael have you actually had conversations with methane about this. you know but i think. he's been very courageous and not caring about. coming out and saying the things we need to get the republicans certainly shown the way that when you ground someone who is talking or. you when. so basically he thinks that matt damon should be president instead. i don't agree with that you know i've heard some people thought i grew up maybe george clooney would make a good politician and he's just so much more of
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a likable character and i think when i was just going to say there's no way i can support matt damon other than the fact that i disagree with his stances but i'm george clooney all the way and for going with the right guy if you're good looking just because you're a good looking guy i'm a better i don't know i was with you until a sort of looking into matt damon's political forum which was in the very least how you're intending hand i'm sure he's pretty smart i think he knows what he's talking about he was just at this rally in d.c. this week and you know he was approached by a bunch of conservatives who were upset with him and he's right back there with them he knew what he was talking about and you know i mean there were really be angry words to confuse the teacher argument i think there you know i think that there is an argument on his side of that debate i just don't think that he made it in the best way possible to do it in the most complicated way possible for people to think he was smart not necessarily right about the rhetoric again which is likely to be a good president to i think is reason to be the one who approached him was going to leave early as he was here on the show it was i think she was clearly expecting him
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to not know at all what he was talking about so he was using big words to show that he knew what he was like i think she was it was like he was using said words to be like look smart i am not saying good will hunting ok. he played a smart guy. this next story hope is now in the middle of a controversy because there was an internal memo that was sent out an internal e-mail it's probably best that we don't specifically call out or promote ramadan we shouldn't highlight ramadan and signage in our stores that could be considered celebrating or promoting ramadan in this because there are you know selling whole offer all this and i actually went on twitter and whole foods has now launched this massive p.r. campaign to try to correct that he said it was just. and we have twelve regions and it was just this one group that sent out that e-mail and it was kind of a mistake this one group where you know ramadan soon actually evil and or i you know taliban's trying to infiltrate through a whole foods across the road that one area say that you can still sell the
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products that we don't want to be specifically promoting them only for ramadan just for anybody that might want those products but it's kind of funny because most people think of whole foods has kind of a liberal image i don't think i've seen this video but this is my my favorite thing that was just. because you. know. it's. not the ramadan promoting whole foods yeah i mean i would expect better from whole foods like there's this massive islamophobia campaign going on and i would expect them to hold out for this we went back and forth with a spokesperson from whole foods this afternoon actually and they said ok we're still promoting whole food but not ramadan because we don't support in the holidays you google whole foods christmas the first thing that is a blog post as americans but i think it's yeah people are gotten completely out of control with this holiday thing now when i'm walking into a store and i say merry christmas i feel uncomfortable because you're not supposed
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to say that and i think that there are you know you have to have a menorah if you don't have a christmas tree you know whatever i think that america is a country of many religions and everyone should be allowed to celebrate whichever religion they choose at any time and i think it's ridiculous i mean if we're going to go here with the whole food we might as well you know make sure they don't sell kosher hotdogs at ballparks it's you know it's just ridiculous i don't know if it's very shrewd as well who goes totally out of their way when it's thanksgiving time right or during october around how we'd or definitely most definitely for christmas so why not the ramadan no let's move on to this story there are a lot of books that often get banned in this country unfortunately stupid people in the states and the most recent one they could have always been a hell of bitter about this sorry actually. because reason why it is five in missouri schools and they say they've banned it for creating false conceptions of american history and government or because the book teaches principles contrary to biblical morality and truth which i'm sorry this is
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a science fiction book so if you honestly think that it creates false conceptions of american history who the hell are these teachers that are trying to give it to their kids and you know it's although this is a route to a true historical account as a science fiction book supposed to make you think of what the world could end up like yeah i mean it's really frightening and i think the single most scary thing in this country is when people try to censor books from kids we should be happy that kids want to read books and first of all if you grant a book when i was in high school that was the first book i wanted to create that's for sure obviously that's how kids function yeah i mean it gives you a false conception of gravity and of time and whatever also it's really service is closing things over this one guy complained and then the school district bent over backwards and the guy also said about a different book of elizabeth if they change the ending you know maybe i'd be ok with it which is shows that here there was open about the actual content there was a problem he just disagreed with it you know there wasn't actually anything pensive love it it's just so frightening that one person can affect policy and in
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a school where they were going to discuss this book and talk about kind of the underlying meanings and know now if they don't talk about it all of these kids are just going to go read it on their own because this is what happens all the time i actually want to get library has one hundred fifty copies of their volunteering to send out to people which i think is a good thing we've seen you know the diary of anne frank banned in certain places because they use the word vagina or something and so somebody didn't like it but you know you talk about just a couple people having power that's like what we saw in texas with the board of education there were a few people were deciding to rewrite all the history books craziness you know just open books just don't ban books their books but to be ok. with all the time for other topics no one had to carry it through with them tomorrow thanks for joining us. at a pretty nice. joe thanks for tuning in as make sure that you come back tomorrow and caserio from the young turks i'm back on the show in the meantime don't forget we're going to be lower show on facebook out of always on twitter and if you missed any and i'm sure any other night you know it's actually youtube dot com slash
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